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Galxe integrates Aleph Zero for on-chain tasks and community rewards!

Apr 3, 2024

Aleph Zero network is now supported in Galxe, with upcoming activities for the community!

Galxe stands at the forefront of web3 community development, boasting a remarkable reach of over 12 million unique users thus far. It has been instrumental in accelerating the expansion of major platforms like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, alongside collaborations with over 3600 partners through engaging reward-based loyalty programs. With a track record of powering more than 38,000 campaigns alongside reputable partners, Galxe consistently attracts over 8 million monthly visitors, underlining its pivotal role in the web3 ecosystem.

Today, Galxe integrates Aleph Zero, a high-performance ZK blockchain to foster the growth of its web3 community by enabling tasks, on-chain rewards, and more. 

Galxe and Aleph Zero: what to expect? 

Through this integration with Galxe, you gain control over your credentials – and the ability to prove your eligibility in the form of a key, a certificate, a license, etc. across different on-chain activities. These activities might include contributing to liquidity pools, on-chain voting, or participation in Galxe campaigns. 

The integration is already live with Talisman as the first supported wallet. All projects on Aleph Zero can already use Galxe to incentivize their users’ on-chain activities–but expect more from Aleph Zero’s space on Galxe! 

The core Aleph Zero team will be working with the ecosystem startups to deploy campaigns as a part of the ecosystem go-to-market strategy, including Common, AZERO.ID, DRKVRS, and others.

Stay tuned for more details as we’re now closer than ever! 

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