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Aleph Zero on-chain monitoring powered by Lukka is now live

Jan 17, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the integration between Aleph Zero and Lukka–a company that acquired Coinfirm in the middle of 2023. This collaboration significantly enhances transaction security and AML compliance within the Aleph Zero blockchain ecosystem.

What Lukka brings to the ecosystem?

Integration with an on-chain monitoring system brings several benefits that make Aleph Zero better protected from fraud and compliant with key regulations around AML/CFT. The network is now available to be analyzed for any potential misuse, with the data available for exchanges, institutions, and regulatory bodies.

Here’s the breakdown of the benefits:

Advanced security and compliance – this integration has fortified Aleph Zero’s transaction security and AML compliance, ensuring a safer blockchain economy. The on-chain activity involving AZERO coin and PSP-22 tokens is now monitored for any potential fraud-related use.

Privacy and regulatory adherence – a critical aspect of this collaboration was the focus on privacy preservation. Lukka’s platform maintains stringent regulatory compliance without compromising user privacy, aligning with Aleph Zero’s privacy-centric approach. This will also be increasingly important to ensure the upcoming privacy layer is in line with the applicable regulations that are rapidly being developed or refined.

Integration of AZERO – the seamless integration of Aleph Zero’s native asset, AZERO reinforces trust and security within our ecosystem by effective transaction screening, sanctions screening, and providing AML compliance reports. This is an important part of many companies and exchanges integrating blockchain networks.

With better protection against fraud, users within the Aleph Zero ecosystem are now engaging with more confidence due to a more secure and compliance-focused environment. This paves the way for more robust DeFi and enterprise applications, fully equipped with this new integration to meet the evolving regulatory environment.

What’s next?

With this successful integration live and Aleph Zero’s focus on continuing to increase standards in blockchain security and compliance, they remain committed to continuous innovation, ensuring that our ecosystem not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community. Stay tuned for more updates as they forge ahead in creating a more transparent and trusted blockchain ecosystem.

For detailed information on our journey and the specifics of this integration, please refer to our original announcement here.

About Lukka

Founded in 2014, Lukka serves the most risk-mature businesses in the world with institutional data and software solutions. As a global company, headquartered in the United States, Lukka bridges the gap between the complexities of blockchain data in a global crypto ecosystem with traditional business and reporting needs. Coinfirm, acquired by Lukka in 2023, has been integrated into Lukka and legacy products now benefit from Lukka’s enterprise data. The Coinfirm product teams remain in place and continue to support businesses globally with on-chain analytical solutions to solve risk and compliance needs for the constantly evolving and hyper-innovative blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. 

All of Lukka’s products are created with institutional standards, such as AICPA Service and Organization Controls (SOC), which focus on data quality, financial calculation accuracy & completeness, and managing technology operational risk. Lukka has obtained AICPA SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II Audits, an ISO/IEC-27001 certification, NIST Cybersecurity Assessment, and continues to lead the industry with best in class technology risk governance. For information about Lukka, visit