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Cardinal and Nethermind to collaborate on Aleph Zero’s privacy layer, Liminal

Nov 16, 2022

We’re excited to announce that a new partner has joined the journey of developing the best-in-class privacy framework—Aleph Zero’s Liminal.

Nethermind will join Cardinal Cryptography, Aleph Zero’s core research and development team, in efforts to further build out the ZK- and MPC-powered privacy layer. With prior work executed for the Ethereum Foundation, Starkware, Aave, and more, Nethermind will assist in building this ambitious cryptography project. “We’re excited to have an opportunity to collaborate with Nethermind”, says Adam Gagol, Aleph Zero’s co-founder. “Nethermind’s broad experience in ZK-SNARKs and fundamental cryptography both on the academic as well as deployment side will greatly benefit the Aleph Zero ecosystem as well as speed up the market-readiness of Liminal.”

The primary goal of this joint work is not only finalizing Liminal’s architecture but also working on improving formalism and providing security proofs for the critical parts of the system. 

Cardinal Cryptography has collaborated with Nethermind in the past, and our approach to bringing formal verification, diligent research, and bulletproof security designs to the blockchain space align between these two parties. Therefore, extending this relationship feels only natural.

Thanks to Nethermind’s close relationship with the Ethereum community, we are also hoping to significantly improve our understanding of the privacy-oriented needs and wants within this large ecosystem to make the interoperability between Aleph Zero and Liminal even better.