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DappRadar integration for Aleph Zero is coming!

Feb 23, 2024

As we gear towards dApp launches on the Mainnet, let’s get ready to track them on one of the most popular platforms for this task–DappRadar!

We’re happy to say that the DappRadar integration has been progressing for the last couple of weeks and is nearing completion. This is the perfect time to submit all the applications in the Aleph Zero ecosystem and put them on one of the key hubs for dApp discovery.

Builders, show your work!

With over 50 teams building products on Aleph Zero, and many of them getting ready for their Mainnet launches, it’s about time to show them to the rest of the blockchain world through DappRadar.

The integration of Aleph Zero is in the last stages and allows adding all the projects such as DeFi or games to the world’s Dapp Store. You can already submit your projects and once they are live on the Mainnet, all you have to do is upload relevant contract addresses.

To submit and manage your projects, just head over to DappRadar for developers.

Submit your project to DappRadar

Before submitting the app, we recommend reading DappRadar’s guide on optimizing product pages to ensure maximum engagement.

Read the Dapp Product page optimization guide

What DappRadar brings to the table?

Integration with tools such as DappRadar is paramount to application discovery as many blockchain enthusiasts go there to find the most useful and exciting applications.

DappRadar also provides extensive analytics and insights that can guide growth strategies and better understand user engagement. 

For the end users, this means that they’ll also be able to verify numerous statistics about individual apps, such as:

  • daily active users, 
  • transaction count and volume, 
  • TVL for DeFi applications. 

This establishes it as the first platform capable of calculating and comparing the Total Value Locked (TVL) across the entire Aleph Zero ecosystem against other networks connected to DappRadar. Moreover, it allows for the analysis and comparison of statistics for individual applications at the chain level, offering significant insights into the chain’s usage metrics.

Get ready to take off!

We encourage all Aleph Zero ecosystem builders to seize the moment of approaching integration with DappRadar, together with the upcoming ecosystem launches! Whether you’re refining the next decentralized finance (DeFi) solution, an innovative non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, or any other groundbreaking dApp, it’s about time to put your project on the broader crypto ecosystem map!

Join us on this journey!