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Mainnet 10.0: smart contracts to debut on March 29th

Mar 22, 2023

AI Summary

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Top 10 key takeaways:

  1. Launch Date: Smart contracts will debut on Aleph Zero Mainnet on March 29th, 2023.
  2. Deployment: Developers can deploy their ink! 4.0 smart contracts on the Mainnet starting from this date.
  3. Testnet Success: The Testnet 10.0 with ink! 4.0 stable release ran successfully for three weeks, boosting confidence for the Mainnet launch.
  4. Testing Period: The full four-week testing period will be adhered to, with the launch scheduled for the last day, provided no major issues arise.
  5. Mainnet 10.0 Update: The update includes ink! 4.0 smart contracts, a 25-fold reduction in storage fees, and minor improvements and bug fixes.
  6. Update Process: The update does not involve a consensus change; validators need to download and update to Aleph Node Runner 10.0 on March 29th.
  7. Ecosystem Expansion: The launch will enable developers to release their products to the entire Aleph Zero community.
  8. Future Projects: Many projects are still under development, with several interesting launches expected in the coming months.
  9. Ecosystem Funding Program: Aleph Zero has been supporting builders with grants, operational advice, marketing, and business development strategies.
  10. Milestone Achievement: This launch is a significant milestone for Aleph Zero, expected to enrich the ecosystem and contribute to the crypto space.
AI Summary

Starting from March 29th, 2023, Aleph Zero builders will be able to deploy their ink! 4.0 smart contracts on the Mainnet.

Soon, developers that have been building on Aleph Zero Testnet will be able to finally release their products to the Mainnet, making them available to the whole community. The smart contract functionality will debut on the Mainnet together with an update to version 10.0, which has been scheduled for release on March 29th, 2023.

Testnet verification passed

We are happy to say that after three weeks of running Testnet 10.0 with the ink! 4.0 stable release, we have gained confidence in pushing this version to the Mainnet. 

We will still adhere to the standard set testing period and wait the full four weeks, but the launch will happen on the last day of testing, provided that no major issues are found. We expect the remaining test period to go smoothly.

Changes in the Mainnet 10.0 update

The update brings all the improvements introduced in Testnet 10.0, that is:

  • ink! 4.0 smart contracts;
  • reduced storage fee by a factor of 25;
  • minor improvements & bug fixes.

The Mainnet 10.0 update process

Since the update does not involve consensus change, the binary and runtime update will be conducted and concluded on March 29th, together with the release of Aleph Node Runner 10.0. 

Validators should download Aleph Node Runner 10.0 and update their nodes at their earliest convenience. 

Opening up the ecosystem

Launching smart contracts on the Testnet allowed developers to experiment with Aleph Zero and work on their products before making them available to all the other ecosystem participants. On March 29th, it will finally be possible to launch projects on the Mainnet to use all Aleph Zero network participants. 

With the majority of projects still under development, we’re expecting a number of interesting launches in the coming months. Moreover, the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program has been actively supporting builders for the last few months with grant funding, operational advice, marketing, and business development strategies—all to enrich the ecosystem, build original products, and contribute to the betterment of the crypto space.

This is an important milestone for Aleph Zero, and we hope you’re just as excited to see what products it will enable to be built and used!