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Mainnet 12.2 is out. Staking UX improvements, faster block sync

Jan 25, 2024

Mainnet 12.2 sets the stage for a major update to controller and stash accounts, as well as brings updates to contracts pallet and block sync. Here’s all you need to know!

We’re happy to inform you that the Mainnet 12.2 has been rolled out. Here are all the changes of this release and what’s ahead in the next steps!

Updates to Contracts Pallet and Block Synchronization:

We’ve enhanced the contracts pallet and internal block synchronization request mechanism, aiming for improved performance.

Revamp of Staking Process for Stash and Controller:

A key advancement has been made in the staking process. Going forward, if you choose to stake your AZERO, you won’t have the option to use a separate controller account. A single account will now function as both stash and controller.

Note for Current Users: If you’re already using a controller account, there’s no change for you – you can continue as usual. This change applies only to new users, who won’t have the option to create new controller accounts. This change is already live on the Mainnet.

This modification is setting the stage for the introduction of the proxy pallet, which is expected to be part of the releases following 12.2.

The Mainnet 12.2 update will bring in proxy accounts, streamlining staking processes like bonding and unbonding. These actions can be performed even when the stash account is not online, simplifying the overall staking experience.

Among the other improvements, you can now access the Staking Dashboard by going to – previously, the address had been

Breaking changes

There are several breaking changes in Mainnet 12.2. If you’ve been using those API functions, make sure you adapt to the new methods.

  • The default port for RPC over HTTP is no longer 9933. The default RPC port (for both WS and HTTP) is now 9944
  • Staking->bond extrinsic no longer accepts controller argument
  • Staking->set_controller extrinsic no longer accepts controller argument

For a more detailed Changelog, head over to the Release Notes.

Mainnet Validators – update your nodes!

Mainnet validators can now download Aleph Node 12.2 and upgrade their nodes–we ask all of you to perform the update at your earliest convenience.

NOTE! Due to the recent rework of aleph-node-runner, the update procedure this time is different than usual. To update your node to the recent version, please follow the instructions at the end of Release Notes.

Have questions?

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