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PetRock Capital Invests in Aleph Zero to Boost APAC Presence

May 13, 2021

The Aleph Zero team is pleased to welcome PetRock Capital among its investors and strategic partners. The goal of the collaboration is to ensure widespread awareness, adoption, and development of the platform in the APAC region.

“The innovation behind Aleph Zero is led by a world-class team. We have exclusively selected Aleph Zero to be our first Layer-1 investment of 2021 because we see an assemblage of brilliant minds who are passionately putting together a novel protocol that will bring us one step closer to a multichain future,” commented Patrick Soh and Ronald Koo from PetRock Capital.  

PetRock Capital’s team is certain that the underlying technologies of cryptocurrencies will serve as a cornerstone of the future economy. The fund has been recently featured as one of the top DeFi VC firms in the world. “We’re extremely happy to be associated with PetRock Capital. It’s a young investment fund built by professionals with backgrounds from the most reputable consulting firms such as Boston Consulting Group and PwC. We definitely appreciate PetRock’s proactive approach that we’re witnessing from day one of our collaboration”, says Antoni Zolciak from Aleph Zero. 

“Strategic value-add and knowledge of the industry are the qualities we’re looking for in each of our partners,” as emphasized by Aleph Zero’s Matthew Niemerg. “The combination of these two that Petrock brings cannot be beaten.”

About Aleph Zero 

Aleph Zero is a novel public blockchain with private smart contracts. It’s powered by an original, peer-reviewed DAG consensus protocol that was presented at an ACM conference and integrates the Substrate stack for the smart contract layer. The platform’s unique characteristics include high speed, scalability, and a set of privacy-enhancing features based on the secure multi-party computation research.

Founded in 2018, the project aims to solve shortcomings of current infrastructure layers in several industries such as the Internet of Things, automotive, ESG, and healthcare. Aleph Zero team consists of academics and professionals who gained their experience at various universities, public and private companies, or competitions such as ACM ICPC World Finals, International Mathematics Competition, the Simons Institute, UC-Berkeley, Jagiellonian University, Tsinghua University, ABB, IBM, Stellar, ING Bank, Riverbed Technology, NEAR, EPFL, and more.

About PetRock Capital

PetRock Capital is a venture capital based in Singapore with a laser focus on building a multichain future. The firm invests in purposeful applications on Layer 1 blockchains, with an emphasis on the Solana ecosystem. PetRock Capital is founded by individuals from Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, PwC, and Aura Group. On top of their collective knowledge from investment banking to management consulting, the team also comes with years of experience and a network of key relationships in the blockchain space. PetRock Capital delivers unrivaled quality for their portfolio projects beyond capital injections and is known for on-the-ground partnerships. In 2021, PetRock Capital has invested in over 20 projects, with notable ones including Raydium Protocol, Genesis Shards, Babylon Finance, Star Atlas, and Aleph Zero.

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