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Building Novel Solutions for Online Identities in WEB3: AZERO.ID. Podcast Key Takeaways Ep. 4

Jul 24, 2023

The fourth episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast involved Mike Schneider and Dennis Zollman, the co-founders of AZERO.ID, during which we discussed domain naming systems and how they can benefit Web3 users by simplifying onboarding and online identity management. 


Too Long; Didn’t Listen 

  • AZERO.ID has been formerly known as  AZERO Domains.
  • They are building a domain naming system on the Aleph Zero blockchain that will cater to Aleph Zero users and those in the broader Substrate ecosystem. 
  • They started as a project developed for the ETHWarsaw hackathon. 
  • Domain naming systems will make managing accounts and wallet addresses easier for crypto users by providing a one-stop solution for managing one’s online identity.  
  • AZERO.ID is actively partnering with ecosystem projects to provide their solution immediately upon launch. 
  • The project will use Aleph Zero’s native privacy layer, Liminal, to ensure user data privacy and to allow users to divulge which activities on the blockchain should remain private. 
  • Domain naming systems can be used for gaming, payroll,  NFT collection management, and providing solutions for KYC and AML. 
  • AZERO.ID will introduce a marketplace for trading domain names. 

Building Your Digital Identity with One Domain 

Before settling on AZERO.ID, the project began its existence as AZERO Domains. Fortunately,  the project’s goals have remained the same as the core team members are set on becoming the go-to domain naming system for the Aleph Zero and Substrate ecosystem. But what does that mean? Domain naming systems are a new way for building online identities both for users and businesses in the Web3 space. AZERO.ID wants to simplify the process of managing online accounts and wallet addresses by replacing them with a single account that connects the various facets of your online persona. 

What Exactly Will AZERO.ID Simplify? 

AZERO.ID is actively partnering with projects building on the Aleph Zero blockchain to provide an easy way to manage your activities on various platforms being built on the blockchain. Users will be able to attach social handles, credentials, wallet addresses, and zk-attestations to their domains. Additionally, one link will allow users to share all their social profiles, showcase NFTs, and more. Finally, Aleph Zero’s native privacy framework, Liminal, will be employed by AZERO.ID to provide users with the privacy and security demanded of any project that handles users’ sensitive information. Domain naming systems can be used for gaming, payroll,  NFT collection management, and providing solutions for KYC and AML—finally, AZERO.ID aims to create a digital marketplace for domain names, allowing users to trade and monetize their online identities.