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Learn about the Aleph Zero fundamentals, listen to recaps from our event talks, meet the ecosystem builders, and get insights into developing Web3 products. Let's realize the mass adoption of digital assets together.

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EP. 7 The Design and Marketing Behind Web3 Products: Aleph Zero and the Common DEX

The seventh episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast is all about product design as we meet up with Mateusz Bryk, who is responsible for fusing the aesthetic and the useful in the Aleph Zero ecosystem. With years of experience in marketing and design, Mateusz Bryk is responsible for creating the Aleph Zero logo and designing our upcoming DEX, Common.


EP. 6 Smart Contracts, Tokenomics, and How Is the Ecosystem Funding Program Growing? The Rust Programming Language: Why Does Aleph Zero Use It?

Ever wanted to know what is Rust and why Aleph Zero uses it? Today is your lucky day as the host of today's episode, Piotr Moczurad, meets with blockchain developer Michal Handzlik to explore the programming language that is the backbone of the Aleph Zero ecosystem. We'll look at the properties of Rust and its place in the broader Substrate space.


EP. 5 Smart Contracts, Tokenomics, and How Is the Ecosystem Funding Program Growing?

In today's episode of the Aleph Zero Podcast, we discuss building on multiple blockchains with Brian Nguyen of ArtZero and explore how the EFP works alongside Max Sarafin of WW Ventures.
We'll dive into some of the space's fundamental challenges and how to get involved with the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program.