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Exploring Some FAQs on the Aleph Zero Testnet Launch

Aug 4, 2021

With the launch of Aleph Zero’s testnet last month, we’ve seen extensive interest and $TZERO transactions being executed every 10 seconds on average. As we move forward with building and launching the next levels of the testnet, we’d like to share our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

How long will each level last? 

Setting up a testnet is a difficult process that isn’t just about delivering a product, it’s also a great educational tool for our development team to troubleshoot every single aspect of the protocol before launching the mainnet. Before moving on to the next level we want to bulletproof every network feature. We will be announcing the launch of a new level 7-14 days in advance, but only once we are 100% sure that the current level is running without a catch. 

Do you plan to launch an incentivized testnet? 

An incentivized testet is in the works as we are writing this FAQ. To be up to date with the details on how to take part in this process remember to follow us on our communication channels for sign-up announcements. It’s coming! 

How do I get on the validator authority list? 

The validator authority list will be centrally managed by our project team and it is going to be run on an invite-only basis. To ensure smooth collaboration and to maximize network uptime we have decided to cooperate with professional validators only. To become a part of the list we are going to favor diversity and professionalism. A sign-up form will soon be readily available for you to put forth your candidacy. 

When will the testnet open to the public? 

The testnet will become open to the public as we move from Level 2 to Level 3. We will open sign-ups beforehand and let you know through our communication channels. 

Will I be able to run nodes on Amazon Web Services? 

It will be possible to run a node through AWS, but only a limited number of validators will be permitted to do so. You can check out the hardware recommendations and requirements here

How many validators can we onboard to the testnet? 

As we progress through our four testnet levels we will invite more participants to take part in this exciting process. The exact number of participants is unknown at this stage as it will depend on our operational support capabilities We can use all the help we can get so if think you can help our DevOps team, please contact us via A more detailed roadmap regarding the number of participants that will take place can be found here.

How can I access the Aleph Zero faucet?

The Aleph Zero faucet is available at

How can I access the Aleph Zero testnet?

The Aleph Zero testnet is available at

Will there be a bug bounty program?

We are planning a thrilling bug bounty program for the talented bug hunters among our followers. Announcements will be coming down the pipeline soon.

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