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Aleph Zero Public Sale Postponed to October 5th

Sep 26, 2021

Due to the number of requests Aleph Zero and our 3rd party partners are receiving, we decided to postpone the public sale by a week. The original date was September 27th for the early community and September 28th for the general public. 

The new dates are:

? October 4th for the early community,

? October 5th for the general public.

We believe this will ensure a fair process as well as enough time to process and resolve any outstanding queries.

❗️The email to our early community will also be postponed until the aforementioned dates as not everyone went through the KYC process yet.

⏰ As both the Aleph Zero team as well as Fractal, our KYC provider, were not expecting this level of traffic, we’ve introduced a KYC cut-off date for today (Sunday, September 26th) at 8:00 PM CET.

We’re extremely thankful for all your interest. In order to keep the process as fair as possible for everyone, we believe this is the best course of action. It will also give both the Aleph Zero team and our KYC provider, Fractal, enough time to go over all the submitted KYC requests and provide the optimal level of customer care support.

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