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Aleph Zero Accepted Into the Parity Substrate Builders Program

Nov 29, 2021

Aleph Zero is honored to have been accepted into the Parity Substrate Builders Program, an exciting initiative that supports novel Web 3.0 solutions. 

The Parity Substrate Builders Program is an initiative whose end goal is to support and assist promising Web 3.0 projects. By doing so, they hope to create a broad ecosystem of blockchain solutions that take advantage of Parity Technologies’ experience and resources with Substrate

Projects in the Builders Program have been grouped across three tracks: the Infrastructure Track, the Chains Track, or the Application Track. Teams accepted into the Substrate Builders Program are assisted in the various aspects of developing novel Web 3.0 solutions. This includes assistance with technical development, planning community roadmaps, and creating realistic milestones for the projects to achieve. 

How does Parity Support Budding Projects? 

The technical support offered by the Substrate Builders Program includes hands-on technical support provided by industry experts, which guarantees a smooth mainnet launch. Besides providing technical assistance, the program also recognizes the need for community building. It offers guidance on a wide range of promotional and educational initiatives that include the “nuts and bolts” of successfully organizing events, meetups, webinars. 

Funding options to jumpstart promising projects are also available through the Polkadot Network Treasury and the Web3 Foundation Grants program. Notably, Cardinal Cryptography, the company behind Aleph Zero’s core development, was awarded the Web3 Foundation Grant in 2020 for its work on randomness beacons. 

Finally, ecosystem support is also offered that assists projects in creating new, lasting partnerships with clients, users, and other blockchains in the Substrate ecosystem. The progress of each project is monitored throughout 6-week sprints, during which Parity provides feedback as the project completes its roadmap.

“We are very excited about our participation in the SBP as it allows us to connect more directly not only with Parity as Substrate creators but also with other amazing projects building on Substrate. This is another level of interoperability – the main goal of Polkadot that is also at the very center of Aleph Zero.” 

Michał Świętek, Co-founder, CPO 

Aleph Zero and the Parity Substrate Builder’s Program 

Now that you know why Parity is such an incredible incubator for unique blockchain initiatives, you will understand why we at Aleph Zero are proud to have been accepted as members of the Parity Substrate Builder’s Program. It is always an honor to receive validation from an organization for whom we have nothing but respect and that shares our belief in the transformative power of Web 3.0 solutions.

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