Aleph Zero Becomes a Sponsor of Consensus 2019 Conference in New York, USA

Aleph Zero Becomes a Sponsor of Consensus 2019 Conference in New York, USA

Zug, April 8, 2019—The Aleph Zero Stiftung, a Swiss non-profit developing a platform that uses a novel DAG-based leaderless consensus protocol, is now a one-block sponsor of the Consensus 2019 conference held in New York on May 13-15, 2019.

Consensus is the annual gathering of cryptocurrency and blockchain professionals. Organized by CoinDesk, the leading digital media company in the industry, the event has attracted major companies, organizations, developers, and investors operating in the space.

The speaker line-up includes not only DLT experts but also Wall Street and Fortune 500 executives.

It is the event of the year, where the real-world applications of DLT are discussed and researched to enable widespread adoption of the technology.

“We are excited to attend Consensus 2019. The Aleph Zero team has been developing the mathematical backbone of this groundbreaking technology for more than a year, and we can’t wait to tell everyone at Consensus about what we’ve been working on,” says Aleph Zero co-founder, Matthew Niemerg.  “We may even have a whiteboard at our booth,” Niemerg hints.

“We appreciate the Aleph Zero team for being a one-block sponsor at Consensus, where thousands of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts will join us in May. We’re excited to continue working with Aleph Zero in the future,” said David Bickford, Managing Director, Client Relationships at CoinDesk.

Registration is still open and attendees can get tickets at


About Aleph Zero:

Aleph Zero is a decentralized DAG-based platform with a novel leaderless consensus protocol focused on offering a scalable smart contract infrastructure suitable for enterprise-grade applications. In 2018, the research team designed the consensus algorithm and proved the protocol satisfied the necessary properties for Byzantine fault tolerance. Since then, the development team has taken the abstract mathematics and forged a working proof of concept written in Python and are currently coding the mainnet implementation in Golang.  

Aleph is being built by a team of experts in such fields as mathematics, computer science, business development, marketing, and more. The Aleph team fundamentally understands the challenges faced by the industry and aims at solving these problems with a no-nonsense, scientific approach. Individuals, businesses and enterprises can find out what Aleph can offer them by visiting the Aleph Zero website.

About CoinDesk:

CoinDesk is the leading digital media events and information services company for the crypto asset and blockchain technology community. Its mandate is to inform, educate and connect the global community as the authoritative daily news provider dedicated to chronicling the space. CoinDesk hosts its annual Consensus summit and Blockchain Week NYC, the largest blockchain technology gathering in the word as well as Consensus: Invest, an event designed to showcase the new asset class to wealth managers across the globe. CoinDesk publishes the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), the oldest and most widely cited indicator of the price of Bitcoin.

About Consensus 2019:

Consensus, organized by CoinDesk, is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry. Consensus aims to break down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on the technology to spend three days learning from their peers. Previous speakers reflect the richness and diversity of the Consensus crowd, ranging from leaders of Wall Street and executives of the Fortune 500, to pioneering cryptographers and the core developers who power the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team